A Flower’s Summer Song


How rare, in summer, is a day like this

when the sun beams kindly on my face

and yesterday’s rain relieves my feet from the pain

of digging to the depths of this place.

All about my head are curls of pink and red,

though they’re brown on oppressive summer days

from the scorching of the sun, from dawn ’til day is done;

yet I thrive, and my colors are ablaze!

My arms, adorned with leaves, sway gently in the breeze,

a reprieve from the cruel and gusty gale.

From a heat I can’t forget, comes a strength I don’t regret

for it’s that which allows me to prevail.

I am a flower, I am in bloom;

and all I have to offer, all I have to give

is at its best on a rare day like today.