Grateful Burdens

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As I awake in my nice warm bed from a slumber I don’t really remember, I am aware of the brand new day ahead. I can choose to start a fresh adventure or continue an incomplete pursuit. My first task is simply to decide! Oh, the burdens I bare!

I think of the coffee in the kitchen that will jolt my mind; of how it’s waiting to be poured into some whimsical cup that I have picked up somewhere along the way. With cup in hand I shall ponder; should I read, should I write, should I gaze from my window at the world outside? Oh, the burdens I bare!

I think of the errands that are demanded of me; of the food I shall buy for the meals I’ll prepare in the house I must clean for the people that I love whose clothes I shall wash and iron! Oh, the burdens I bare!

I think of the walk I will take in the late afternoon along the path under the trees where the mere existence of limbs and leaves will wrap me like an old, tattered robe. Which way should I go? Over the bridge or down the abandoned route the deer once forged out of habit? Oh, the burdens I bare!

Later in the day – should I go, should I stay? Out with friends or home with family? Beer or wine? Cheese or chocolate? An old movie or a book by the fire? I’m sure to be perplexed by the number of decisions I am required to make. Oh, the burdens I bare!

Next thing I know, it will be time again for sleep and as always, I shall look back on my day! Did I use it wisely? Did I appreciate the efforts of others? 10:00 or midnight? Nightgown or pajamas? Oh, the burdens I bare!

Yes, I am aware these things are not truly burdens at all. And yes, I am aware the burdens of others can be painful and deep and that in comparison, I have been given paradise on earth. Yes, I am aware of just how blessed I am. Hence it is, in reality, gratitude I feel; not burden!  Oh, these grateful burdens I bare!

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