A Moment in Time


It was one of those moments! A moment when, without a doubt, something divine tapped me on the shoulder and whispered in my ear that this – this very moment – was one I would always remember.

I was enjoying a walk in early fall on the wooded trail near where I live. The walk was filled with countless pleasures! Sunlight was splashing on my face through holes in the ceiling of trees. Leaves, nearing their peak of glory, proceeded to dance with delight all around me. Birds were singing harmoniously while the continuous rush of the nearby creek kept a beat like percussion in natures’ song.

Suddenly out of the blue, there it was! That tap on the shoulder and a whisper that said, “look up”! That’s when I saw the tree. No, that’s when I NOTICED the tree, for I had seen it plenty of times before. But on that particular day it was bathed in golden sunlight much like a scene from a movie. You know what I mean, right? Where the heavens open up and a spotlight beams down on some person, place or thing while angel voices raised in song announce the advent of some kind of miracle? Well, that’s what it was like! I had this sudden recognition of something wonderfully impressive which I had somehow failed to appreciate until then!

I pass that tree nearly every day and each time I do, I pause to remember the moment I first noticed it. It’s not the most magnificent tree in the world, but to me it is stunning none-the-less. I photograph “my tree” each season every year; in spring, summer, fall and winter, and yet I rarely look at the photos. I don’t need to – all I have to do is close my eyes!

PS – I seem to be stuck on “trees” this week! See my last post “Do You See Me” in Poetry.

Do You See Me


Do you see me?

Deep in the shadows I grow

slowly, like an ant stuck in honey.

Funny how I’m overlooked so often,

spoken of so seldom, that I feel like I don’t exist at all.

Tall? Yes, someday I will be

lofty and lanky.  Beautiful, too!

You just wait and see!

Seed that I am, someday I’ll be the most extraordinary tree!

Please! Do you see me?

This was written for Jane Dougherty’s Poetry Challenge #48. We were to write a circular poem, in which it is essential that the last word of the line gives rhyme to the first word of the following line, and that the first line of the poem is also the last. The theme is Circles and Cycles and the image (attached) is of August Windfall Apples.

At the Park


Yesterday I passed a couple in the park

as I walked through the rain with my umbrella.

I don’t think they noticed me at all.


“Discontent” perhaps describes them best of all.

When she stood, walked away and left the park,

all he saw was the back of her umbrella.


I caught her eyes as she peeked from the umbrella.

She seemed passive, but relieved most of all,

while he sat there all alone in the park.


Today at the park, I didn’t need my umbrella at all!

This week’s poetry challenge is the Tritina. It is a ten-line poem arranged in three stanzas of three lines, and ends with a single line.

The first stanza has end-of-line words in the order 1,2,3.

In the second stanza, the end-of-line words are in the order 3,1,2

The third stanza order is 2,3,1.

The last line uses all three words in order 1,2,3.

The prompt image is by Cornoyer, entitled Early spring in Central Park.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Mirror


So there I was, enjoying the sights and sounds of the Marienplatz in Munich, Germany;  when I noticed the building in front of me was also beside me, in the form of a reflection from the window of a building to my right. It might as well have been a mirror!


Here is the building from the front. It is the New Town Hall of Munich, which houses the Glockenspiel, a beautiful chiming clock that is over 100 years old.

More Mirror Photos: These are at Catherine’s Palace, St. Petersburg, Russia



Weekly Photo Challenge: Mirror