At the Park


Yesterday I passed a couple in the park

as I walked through the rain with my umbrella.

I don’t think they noticed me at all.


“Discontent” perhaps describes them best of all.

When she stood, walked away and left the park,

all he saw was the back of her umbrella.


I caught her eyes as she peeked from the umbrella.

She seemed passive, but relieved most of all,

while he sat there all alone in the park.


Today at the park, I didn’t need my umbrella at all!

This week’s poetry challenge is the Tritina. It is a ten-line poem arranged in three stanzas of three lines, and ends with a single line.

The first stanza has end-of-line words in the order 1,2,3.

In the second stanza, the end-of-line words are in the order 3,1,2

The third stanza order is 2,3,1.

The last line uses all three words in order 1,2,3.

The prompt image is by Cornoyer, entitled Early spring in Central Park.

12 thoughts on “At the Park

  1. dina97


    Found your blog on Blogger’s Pool and I’m glad I’ve decided to check it out 🙂

    You have amazing content here and I love the poem.
    It’s beautiful and sad at the same time.

    Keep it up!


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