The House in my Heart


There’s a house in my heart

where I’ve built you a room

with windows in the sun to keep you warm,

through which shines the glow of day,

or the twinkling of the Milky Way,

while the moon up above

throws down beams of love

for you to catch and save.

I’ve filled your room with precious things

like butterflies and fishing poles,

teddy bears and dress-up clothes,

dogs and cats, balls and bats,

pots of gold at rainbows’ end,

and friend, after friend, after friend.

At the house in my heart

the grass is greener, the sky is bluer,

the clouds the whitest of white.

Breezes blow, not harshly to push you,

but gently to guide you,

sweeping the hair from your face

so you can see clearly the road before you

and which of the paths you should take.

If it should rain at the house in my heart,

raindrops of perfect pitch and rhythm

soothe your soul and

sing you softly to sleep.

While you lay dreaming

the faint sounds you hear

are rain fairies splashing at play.

Then after its shower,

the earths’ clean fresh smell

will wake you to a brand-new day.

Of all the rooms at the house in my heart,

my favorite room will be

the one you pack full of beautiful pictures,

some call them memories,

of all that you say and all that you do

and all that you hope to be.

The one to which you hold the key –

your room at the house in my heart.

My response to today’s one-word prompt: Giant

Why post this poem under one-word prompt “Giant”? Because it was a giant step in writing for me. It was the first piece I wrote as a gift to my grandchildren; and I did it years ago, long before I even HAD grandchildren. I just knew this is how I would feel about them.  And it is – it really is!

Ban the Messy Squirrels!


I was taking a walk one day with my almost 3-year-old granddaughter. Along the way we noticed periodic piles of crushed walnuts on the path. I explained to her that the squirrels had opened the walnuts to get to the nuts inside. So, she says: “Well Grammy, someday when I’M a squirrel…I won’t make a mess with my nuts like that!” It’s probably safe to assume that all the messy squirrels will be bannedwhen SHE becomes a squirrel!

My response to today’s one-word prompt: Banned

“Meaningful” Vibrant Colors – Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge


While I understand the negative impact balloons have on our environment, it doesn’t stop me from loving these photos! The Hospice organization I volunteer for used to sponsor an event every year where family members could attach a note to a balloon and send it into the heavens for the loved ones they had lost. It was such a beautiful, healing moment when the balloons were released in unison! As the organization strives to find a memorial event equally as meaningful, but more Eco-friendly; for me anyway, nothing seems to hold the sentiment that this one did. I miss it!



Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge – Vibrant Colors


I may be old and broken,

but I know things

that some will never know;

I’ve seen things

that others will not see.




If Only…


Alone in the wilderness,

freedom grows.

It is timid at first,

until it realizes there are no boundaries,

no restraints,

no obligation to its own existence.

Then, with urgent determination

it spreads like wildfire,

except there’s no fire;

merely total consumption of all in its path.

Aw, freedom…

if only it could be that simple!

My response to today’s one-word prompt: Urgent

The photo is of the creek in my backyard, which despite a few obstacles, runs freely most of the time!

Autumn Splendor – a slideshow


In another week, the Autumn colors in my little corner of the world should be at the height of beauty. I will spend as much time as possible memorizing the magnificent colors and embracing the splendor of Fall. I wish I could create the perfect combination of words to describe the miracle that takes place when seasons change, but I fail at every attempt. All I know is that nature’s cycle is also life’s cycle. The birth of Spring and the growth of Summer give way to the acceptance of change in Autumn and the impermanence of life by Winter’s end.

I love to take photos in the Fall! I like to pretend I have captured the colors and saved them from certain death. Logically, the more photos I take, the more colors I rescue; especially the brilliant ones that only come out during this special time of  year, like burgundy, flame, tangerine and sunshine gold. It seems like a worthy and noble task to me, so I can only hope that winter doesn’t come too soon!

Because pictures are worth a thousand words (and words couldn’t possibly describe the glory I see anyway), here is a slideshow of some of my favorite fall photos.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: H2O


Emerald green and waterfall-rich, Milford Sound is located in New Zealand’s Fjordland National Park. It is breathtaking in any weather, but when it rains in Milford Sound, as it did when we were there, the waterfalls multiply with magnificence as they cascade down the towering cliffs carved by glaciers during the ice age. It was a spectacular sight and one of my favorite travel memories!

dsc04640From inside the bus, rain trickled down the window.

dsc04655Standing in the rain, the downpour continued!

Weekly Photo Challenge: H2O

The Last Leaf


When all his daring leaf friends

had fallen to the ground,

the anxious autumn leaf yelled:

“Wait for me! I’ll be there soon!”

He was growing eager

to twirl and float through the air!

“But before I let go,

 I’d like to know,

was it fun

 when you flew?

Was it fun?”

Getting no response, the leaf became frightened.

“Do you hear me, my friends?

Are you there?”

He hung his little head, quivered and said:

“I am lonely and I am afraid!

I need to let go,

but I’d like to know,

did it hurt

when you fell?

Did it hurt?”

My response to today’s one-word prompt: Daring