Weekly Photo Challenge: A Good Match

This ensemble of carriage, horses, harnesses and uniformed horsemen is a good match, an elegant match, a match fit for a Queen!

dsc06752-2It is Britain’s Gold State Coach, which has been used for every royal coronation since George IV was crowned in 1821. The coach weighs four  tons and is 24 feet long and 12 feet high. It features painted panels and rich gilded sculptures. The interior is lined with luxurious satin and velvet.

The coach is managed by 4  horsemen, 9 walking grooms (one of whom walks behind the coach), 6 footmen, and 4 Yeoman of the Guard. It is pulled by a team of eight horses, always Windsor Greys, wearing Red Morocco leather harnesses. The coach is so heavy it can only be pulled at a walk.

dsc06762-2The Gold State Coach is suspended from braces; therefore, it lacks a smooth ride and modern comforts. Queen Victoria would often refuse to ride in it. A later monarch; King George VI said that his journey from the palace to Westminster Abbey for his coronation was “one of the most uncomfortable rides I have ever had in my life”. In addition to her coronation, Queen Elizabeth II used it for both her Silver and Golden Jubilees.

All photos were taken at the Royal Mews of Buckingham Palace in London.

Weekly Photo Challenge: A Good Match


Proceed with Caution

So, Valentine’s Day was yesterday! Love is in the air…but proceed with caution!


Is he in it just for sport?

Does he see you with cold eyes?

Does he have a heart that takes but never gives?

Does his ego tell him he’s the best there is?

Then, be careful, my dear

and stop playing games you’ll never win.

It simply isn’t worth it in the end!

PS – “HE” is the pronoun I used here, but “SHE” would have worked just as well!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Shadow

All the variety, all the charm, all the beauty of life is made up of light and shadow.

        ~ Leo Tolstoy

The photo of the bridge below wouldn’t be nearly as interesting without the play of shadows. They practically BEG you to follow them across the bridge to see what’s on the other side!img_3419-2

The shadows on the sign below look a bit like bats to me. How appropriate, since the sign references the endangered bats who live inside the cave.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Shadow

Dancing of the Face of the Moon

My poem “Dancing on the Face of the Moon” is featured on Poetry Breakfast this morning!

You can read it here Dancing of the Face of the Moon,

or below:

Just this side of midnight, I stepped outside –

an attempt to snag the tail of a summer breeze.

Slowly, a shadow crept over me.

Night turned darker than blackness itself

and I could not see a thing.

I was frightened at first, then I realized

the moon was simply trapped

by obscure clouds.

From the darkened sky, rain began to fall,

blindly tumbling to the ground.

I watched. I waited.

When the moon re-appeared,

I saw puddles on the pavement

and, I swear, they were calling my name!

Joy overtook me and I became a child.

Discarding my shoes, I launched into play;

splashing, prancing, twirling and leaping

from one wet patch to another.

To catch my breath, I slowed to a sway,

and hugged myself with happy arms.

As I bent to and fro, misty moonlight

winked at me

from the raindrops clinging to the trees.

I glanced at my feet and met the moon;

his reflection captured briefly

in the puddle where I danced.

I knelt to touch him,

a caress for the perfect partner he had been;

leading me so aptly

I didn’t even know that he was there.

We smiled at one another, then I stood

and proceeded once again

to dance on the face of the moon.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Solitude

There is nothing as certain as silence, stillness and solitude to introduce you to the secrets of yourself. ~ Guy Finley


I took this photo in Akaroa, New Zealand. The little blue boat sat off by itself in the bay of this French/British settlement nestled in the heart of an ancient volcano.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Solitude