Proceed with Caution

So, Valentine’s Day was yesterday! Love is in the air…but proceed with caution!


Is he in it just for sport?

Does he see you with cold eyes?

Does he have a heart that takes but never gives?

Does his ego tell him he’s the best there is?

Then, be careful, my dear

and stop playing games you’ll never win.

It simply isn’t worth it in the end!

PS – “HE” is the pronoun I used here, but “SHE” would have worked just as well!


  1. So true – *humans* can be full of themselves – period. And I think each of us falls into that pit once in a while, to some degree.

    How lovely to read that your family is happily partnered. Congratulations.

    BUSY lol – is there anybody alive today that is NOT “quite busy?” Maybe on top of a few mountains somewhere, but certainly none of us who must deal with technology. 🙂


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