Weekly Photo Challenge: Delta

DSC_0119 (4)

Along the Inside Passage coast of southeastern Alaska, the sea transitions to land in a glacial bed known as Misty Fjords. From deep valleys filled with sea water to cliffs towering 2,000 to 3,000 feet above sea level, you will find 360 degrees of magnificent beauty! One picture can’t begin to tell the story!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Delta


DSC02490 (2)

Dark thoughts, bad dreams

creep into my mind like little demons,

but they are just illusions.

I know the truth and I can see

the light– shining, chasing, scaring the demons away.

Comes a new day!

I’ll take it and make it


My response to today’s one-word prompt: Illusion

I applied an oil-painting filter to this photo taken in Ireland

Weekly Photo Challenge: Focus

Absolutely nothing is sharply focused in this photo, but still it is one of my favorites!

DSC09858 (2)

Here’s another photo with a “focus” issue!

DSC09824 (2)

I try to give out-of-focus photography a little slack! After all, I spend a good amount of time out-of-focus myself!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Focus

Weekly Photo Challenge: Order

William Morris once said – “Large or small, [the garden] should be orderly and rich.”

DSC01840 (2)

Not far from Galway, Ireland at Kylemore Estates is a 6-acre formal Victorian walled garden where orderly beds of flowers and vegetables are arranged against the backdrop of the Connemara Mountains. It is filled with plants introduced to the Irish bog environment prior to 1901. The garden was the winner of the Europa Nostra Award in 2001.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Order

These photos were taken the first week of May, too early for a full display of summer color. Just imagine it now!

Toast for Breakfast


Yesterday I had toast for breakfast, with a little butter, of course. It was nice and crisp. Neither good for me, nor bad. Just nice. This morning I had toast for breakfast, with a little butter, of course; except today I added honey…and cinnamon…and sugar. It was so good; my favorite way to eat toast. I couldn’t dawdle or the honey would run through my fingers and down my sleeve, but I enjoyed every minute! Life should be like that – enjoyed before it runs through your fingers and down your sleeve.

My response to today’s one-word prompt: Crisp