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Thank you to vox poetica for featuring my poem “In the Gloom” today!

In the Gloom

He walked through the door
and found a nothingness,
like the set of a silent movie
being filmed in black and white.
He could hardly tell the ceiling 
from the floor.
In the gloom, he found a window
and pulled back gathered curtains.
Slender beam of light
exposed a million specks of dust,
all annoyed at being wakened
from their dream.
He was uncertain of his purpose,
but tenacious in his search.
He focused on the door
then she waltzed in!
Suddenly, the room was drenched in color!
A light had been switched on
and perceptively he knew
why he was there.
He tried to tell her
just how much
he’d missed her,
but she was fleeting... like the wind,
and disappeared.
Is that what it’s like
when you need someone,
but there is no “someone”
to be found?

The Search

IMG_5291 (2)

There is a barrier

at the top of the stairs,

but I’ll climb them anyway, for

I’m drawn by curiosity to this place.

I sense a calm and reflective beauty here

but still, I haven’t found what I’m looking for.

Will I know it when I see it – that place or thing I seek?

Maybe not, but I’ll keep looking. Each step forward changes the view.

Perhaps, it’s just around the corner; but quite possibly it’s forever out of reach.

Before I post a poem, I go to my photo archives and select a picture that I think best represents the poem. It’s not my trademark necessarily, it’s just the way I do things. In this case, the photo is almost too perfect. It makes you think I wrote the poem about this particular place, but I did not. The poem is an urge to move forward, to constantly search for new people to meet, new places to go and new knowledge to gain. Staying grounded in the present is often boring; the past is a good place to visit, but not to dwell; so I look forward. Always forward!

This is my response to today’s one-word prompt: Trademark

Photo taken in Pitlochry, Scotland

Weekly Photo Challenge: Scale

DSC03204 (3)

DSC03239 (2)

In Auckland, New Zealand, the Sky Tower has become an iconic landmark in the city’s skyline due to its height and unique design. When measured from the ground to the top of the mast, it is 328 meters (or 1,076 feet) tall, making it the tallest freestanding structure in the Southern Hemisphere. But, as David Eagleman says: “Everything that creates itself upon the backs of smaller scales will by those same scales be consumed”, so how much longer until something taller takes its place?

Weekly Photo Challenge: Scale

Tame the Rhythm


I’ve always wanted to write one of those rambling,

meditative poems. The kind where you just know

it’s a poem and not some random piece of prose

without the use of punctuation or rhythm

that has been skillfully put together

by someone who has more words on a given subject

than his mind can possibly contain

but has somehow managed with much finesse

to incorporate every single one of them

into one cohesive idea.                                                                      

I particularly like the part where the author


completes a sentence after a paragraph break just to show off

his ability, his brilliance, his absolute and utter artistry

at keeping you tuned in to his train of thought.

I LOVE that style, I really do!


just when I think I’m making progress,

my pesky sense of rhythm kicks back in.

Feeling woefully defeated I concede

I have written yet another boring poem!

My response to today’s one-word prompt: Tame

Autumn’s Touch

DSC01533 (2)

There’s a stillness that is Autumn

on this crisp October morning.

Even geese are silent and

I wonder how far South they’ll choose to fly.


At the moment day awakens

Mother Nature gives a yawn, then

she flexes magic fingers

and throws colors at the hills and the sky.


From the trees on the horizon,

leaves become undone. They drift like

amber snowflakes to the ground.

How dazzling they become before they die!


This is my response to today’s one-word prompt: Believe

(because I believe it is His plan to give us the most colorful season right before He delivers the most stark one)

Weekly Photo Challenge: Pedestrian

The original definition of pedestrian is dull, commonplace, not interesting. While this horse may have the rather pedestrian task of pulling a jaunting car full of tourists through the Killarney National Park in County Kerry Ireland, there is nothing pedestrian about the scenery! He has a glorious view as he plods along the park trail.

DSC02151 (3)

The second definition of pedestrian is a person who is walking, especially in a town or city, rather than traveling in a vehicle. In Berlin, pedestrian tourists often visit Checkpoint Charlie, once a crossing point between East and West Berlin. The original structure is now located in a museum and a replica is in its place. Tourists stand in line to have their picture taken with actors dressed as military policemen in front of the guard house.

IMG_2445 (2)

Weekly Photo Challenge: Pedestrian