Out with the Old, In with the… Old?

IMG_8685 (3)

It’s not quite the new year and already the Christmas decorations are gone! I used to wait until New Year’s Day while everyone else was watching football to tackle the chore of putting things away. This year, however, I just couldn’t wait to get things back to normal. It took me two days to pack up the festive adornment that won’t come back out again until after next Thanksgiving.  As every Christmas item was taken down, the same old stuff went back in place. The house began to feel normal again. I like our standard arrangement of furniture now that the tree is gone, and I like the fireplace free of stockings and the mantle with its old candlesticks instead of the nativity scene. Everything co-ordinates again – the colors, the textures, the balance. It just all fits!

My philosophy on home décor used to be the same as that popular phrase about a new year: “out with the old, in with the new”. Decorating was my thing! I would peruse “Better Homes and Gardens” and “House Beautiful” magazines, and frequent interior design stores to keep current on the latest colors and styles. Every couple of years the house would get a fresh new look in paint color and accessories. Occasionally, I’d find a new piece of furniture for here or there. Trendy! I wanted to be trendy!

But somewhere along the way, I decided I liked what I had, so why change it? My house began to fit me like a well-worn pair of sweatpants instead of designer jeans. It was comfortable – it IS comfortable!  I suppose though, that after 15 years of dusting over, under and around the prominent candlesticks on the mantle, it might be time to replace them—almost!

My response to today’s one-word prompt: Almost

Weekly Photo Challenge: 2017 Favorite

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The highlight of 2017 for me was our trip to Scotland and Ireland in the Spring of this year. This is my favorite photo from that trip. It was just a brief photo stop at Eilean Donan Castle – we didn’t even go inside – but the setting was just so beautiful that I took dozens of photos here and I love them all!

Wishing you all a peaceful and healthy New Year – plus an abundance of creative photo opportunities!

Weekly Photo Challenge: 2017 Favorite

In Light of Christmas

IMG_8444 (2)

They’re just children. The same children they are on any other day of the year.  But on Christmas, her sweetness seems sweeter and his delight, more delightful. I catch myself watching them more intently, memorizing their faces. Their smiles are bigger, and their eyes magically reflect the light of the twinkling tree. Their laughter is more melodic than the carols drifting softly through the air. When I force my eyes from my grandchildren, they immediately rest on my daughter. I remember her at their age. The sweetness and delight she possessed back then is still there, but now it’s more mature. Motherhood came naturally to her; it seems to have been her calling. I realize I see her with pride for the woman and mother she has become; who sits there, in the light of Christmas, watching her children and memorizing their faces.

PS – Happy Holidays to ALL my blogging friends!

My response to today’s one-word prompt: Calling

Weekly Photo Challenge – Cheeky

These are Tasmanian Devils. The familiar cartoon portrayal of them as seething, snarling, greedy lunatics is not all that far from the truth. Here at a wildlife park on the island state of Tasmania, one gets cheeky as he sneaks up on his resting partner. DSC04931 (2)So she screams at him and he screams back. That’s just what these little devils do!

DSC04928 (2)The sign is probably unnecessary.  Their attitude leaves you with little desire to pet them!

DSC04864 (2)

Weekly Photo Challenge – Cheeky