Where is Mother?

My mother seems to turn up in the strangest places! I usually find her roaming in the garden since it always was her favorite place to be. But sometimes, there she is – hiding in the pages of a book, in the melody of a song, or the flutter of every bird that nests in my tree. I often see her face when I look in the mirror, or in the clouds as they roll by on the breath of the wind. Now and then I find her standing in my kitchen when the aroma of something I’ve made reminds me of home. Instinctively, my arms open to embrace her only to realize she isn’t really there… so I brush off the illusion and embrace the day instead… because that’s what she would want me to do.

It’s Only Words #2 – for Mother’s Day


  1. This is beautiful – thank you! I’ll be in a Zoom Group Saturday creating SoulCollage images of “Mother”, and you’ve given me a leap start at images to look for that imply Mother’s presence in a given moment. Kitchen accessories (I can take a couple of photos of actuals she used!), children’s books she read to me way (WAY) back when. And the clouds! As you mention, the clouds always remind me that she came from central Texas full of clouds, gave birth and youth to me in desert west Texas with almost zero clouds in those days. I live in central Texas now and the skies are indeed “Mother” to my soul.
    If you don’t mind, I’d like to share your post with the Zoom group. OK?

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    1. Thank you… and absolutely, it’s OK! I’m so pleased you found some inspiration in it, Jazz. Like you, I am convinced that clouds have a certain trait to a given region. It’s nice you are under the skies that belonged to your Mother. Have a fun “Zoom” meeting on Saturday!

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  2. Your piece resonates with me. I often feel my mother’s presence when I’m out photographing and at times I pause to ask her how she sees the scene I am looking at and how would she photograph it. In this sense I am closer to her today than I was all those years ago.
    I appreciate you speaking to how you experience your mother’s presence in your life, how she seems to appear.

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    1. How nice it must be to feel your mother’s presence when you’re taking photos – to connect with her on such a creative level. I appreciate your kind words, Arati, and I’m pleased you enjoyed the post.

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