Waves of a Different Kind

I live in Kansas, right smack in the middle of the United States. The nearest ocean is the Atlantic, nearly 1200 miles to the east. The Pacific is 1800 miles west and would take approximately 25 hours to drive. I am understandably overjoyed when our travels include a trip to the ocean. The sight of the sea flattened across the horizon thrills me, especially if bordered by rocky cliffs that sparkle with remnants of the sun. I watch as foamy waves meet the shore, consuming every crevice in its path. I try to memorize the sound of endless space – the cry of the seagulls and the breaking surf as it crashes over and over and over again.

When memories of the sea begin to fade, something very similar takes its place. Here in Kansas, miles and miles of land, not sea, flattens across the horizon, its vastness interrupted by an occasional rock formation, farm silo, or grove of trees rising up from the banks of a stream. Prairie grass sways in a gentle breeze, creating waves of a different kind, while the warmth of the sun brightly glows on fields of golden grain. Here, the sound of endless space is filled with near-quiet bliss: the mellow moo of a grazing cow and the distant honk of snow geese as they migrate back and forth to wherever it is they go.

Be happy with what you have… make it your source of inspiration!

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Merry Christmas to all those who celebrate it,

and safe travels to all who love to travel!

Our Journey, My Love

I’m not big into love poems! Mushy romance is not my thing! So when I set out to write a response to today’s one-word prompt “Journey, imagine my surprise when this was the result! Since it feels like a love poem, it’s for my husband; and since it feels like a love poem, don’t expect there to ever be another!

Bring me pretty flowers.

Pour me a glass of wine.

We’ll make music for hours

and write love poems that rhyme.

Take me to the ocean.

Turn the waves into art.

Brush-stroke my emotions

on the canvas of your heart.

Let’s grow old together.

Your journey will be mine.

We’ll watch as the sun begins to set

and the moon begins to shine.

These photos were all taken on anniversary cruises with my husband!