Castles of the Iron Ring

Great Britain – Part Four

Great Britain – Part Three

Great Britain – Part Two

Great Britain – Part One

We Did It!

On the River

Germany, Germany, Germany!

Sailing Through Austria

Our Time in Budapest

Home Again

Travel? Yes, Please!

Taking the Scenic Route – Conclusion

Taking the Scenic Route – Part two

Taking the Scenic Route

City Scene: Prague

City Scene: London

Beauty on the Rhine – Conclusion

Beauty on the Rhine Day Five – Strasbourg

Beauty on the Rhine Day Four – Heidelberg & Speyer

Beauty on the Rhine Day Three – Marksburg, Scenic Sailing and Rudesheim

Beauty on the Rhine Day Two – Cologne

Beauty on the Rhine – Day One

Woes and Joy in Amsterdam

City Scene: Edinburgh

City Scene: St. Peterburg

Impressions of Italy – Part Six

Impressions of Italy – Part Five

Impressions of Italy – Part Four

Impressions of Italy – Part Three

Impressions of Italy – Part Two

Impressions of Italy – Part One

Impressions of Italy – Introduction

Home Again! (an Italy story)

City Scene: Auckland

City Scene: Copenhagen

City Scene: Vienna

Is it a Castle or a Palace – a travel photo essay

The Ancient Monks of Clonmacnoise – a travel photo essay

Alaska – a travel photo essay

Cemetery Tranquility – a travel photo essay