So It Seems

The Thread

Quietly While I Slept

The Windmill

Daybreak to Nightfall

Chaos – photos & poem

Horse Dreams

I Still See You When I Dream

Frigid – Haiku

Of Leaves & Children

A Poem for Heidi

Serene – a Haiku

Mother’s Garden

You Can’t Always Take the Stairs – Haiku

A Poem for Millie

The Eve of Spring

Once There Was a Warrior

When You’re Not Here

Gone Astray . . .

Packing up Christmas

Tracks in the Snow

Connecting – Haiku

A Winter’s Walk

Another Visit to Hannah’s Kitchen

Echo the Footsteps  – Haiku

The Rebel Moon – Haiku

Shifting Seasons

When Illness Comes

Gone the Day

Haiku Challenge: Choice & Faith


A Turn of the Crank

A Box of Dreams

We Are Branches – Haiku

Living Present-Tense – Haiku


Not Forlorn For Long – Haiku

In Silence I Walk the Meadow

The Seagull Left Me

Thanksgiving in Hannah’s Kitchen

Fog – Haiku

In the Gloom

The Search

Tame the Rhythm

Autumn’s Touch

In Glorious Autumn

Playful Shadows – Triple Haiku



The Introvert – Haiku

Self-Doubt – Haiku

A Summer Haiku


Little Abby

Let Your Heart Sing

My Prudent Thoughts of You – Haiku

Dancing on the Face of the Moon

Help, Save Me!

Filtering Thoughts


When the Artwork is Gone

A Child’s Wish List

Faded Autumn Colors – Haiku

The House in my Heart

If Only…

The Last Leaf

Do You See Me

At the Park

Set Me Free Said the Sea

I Want to be That Wise

Dark Days

Open Your Eyes

Don’t Judge Me, I Won’t Judge You

Trust is Elusive


Our Journey, My Love


Angels Among Us

A Flower’s Summer Song

Who Wants to Play?