It’s Simple, Really

What’s my photographic groove? It’s simple, really. Simplicity! I love to take photos of uncomplicated things. The simpler, the better. If something in the background is distracting, I just can’t take the shot. I like clean, simple photos that make a statement. Why make something more complicated than it needs to be?


IMG_2920 (3)

For Lens Artists Photo Challenge #211: What’s Your Photographic Groove?


  1. These are really very good. I was looking at a book of Ansel Adams photographs yesterday and my favorite out of 400 was a shot of a stump! I like the idea of simplicity and minimalism. ๐ŸŽˆ

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  2. Love these photos. Especially the neglected house. It looks as if it has been a really good house to live in.


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