Weekly Photo Challenge: Beloved

IMG_4338 (5)

Our beloved white schnauzer, Heidi, will be 15 years old in a few days! She suffers from arthritis and can’t see or hear as well as she used to, but for her age she is doing remarkably well. She has developed an attitude that suggests–no demands–that we cater to her every desire, but I suppose she has earned it. She still delights in her two walks a day, no matter the weather, even snow. Oh, how she loves the snow! I’m pretty sure she thinks we put it there just for her enjoyment. Well, if only we could, we would – whatever you want! Happy almost birthday, Heidi!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Beloved

Weekly Photo Challenge – Cheeky

These are Tasmanian Devils. The familiar cartoon portrayal of them as seething, snarling, greedy lunatics is not all that far from the truth. Here at a wildlife park on the island state of Tasmania, one gets cheeky as he sneaks up on his resting partner. DSC04931 (2)So she screams at him and he screams back. That’s just what these little devils do!

DSC04928 (2)The sign is probably unnecessary.  Their attitude leaves you with little desire to pet them!

DSC04864 (2)

Weekly Photo Challenge – Cheeky

Help, Save Me!


Do you hear it?

It’s frightening!

Scratching, clawing,

as if something buried alive

is trying desperately to survive.

Do you see it?

Common sense and decency,

respect, trust, humility –

are all trying to find their way to light.

They’ve been buried for so long

I’m afraid all hope is gone.

But wait!

I’ll reach out, I’ll be brave –

try to pull them from their grave.

I’ll do my very best to set them free.

Will you?

My response to today’s one-word prompt: Replacement