Horse Dreams

DSC02150 (2)

Take me to the place you go

to run wild, spirited and free.

Show me your favorite meadow,

your path to what feels like heaven

and the view that compels you to pause.

Teach me strength and grace,

 to be noble yet humble,

and adventurous, but not unwise.

Share the secret of effortless beauty.

Don’t take me home ‘til you’ve looked at me

with eyes that touch my soul… then promise me

we can do it all again tomorrow!

Photo taken in Ireland

for Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Roads

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Packing up Christmas/Foto Friday #23

IMG_1962 3 (5)


After weeks filled with hectic preparation

sadly, another Christmas has come and gone.

Anticipation of festive joy was riding high

as a propensity for Christmas magic

was all it took to keep my hope and dreams alive.

Now the holiday is over and the magic is gone –

packed away in plastic containers

amid shiny baubles and strings of lights.

Hope has become just hope again

and dreams have become just dreams

… until next year

when the magic is unpacked.

A Box of Dreams

IMG_9286 (2)

In the sluggish haze of morning I notice a door
which I cautiously approach and find is open.
I pause but can’t resist crossing the threshold.
Ignoring the lump in my throat,
I toss apprehension aside and begin to explore.

I sense I may have already been here,
in another time, another space, another “me”.
Soon I realize this is where I
neatly folded my dreams and packed them away,
finding them easier to forget than to pursue.

I gather my empty hopes and lost ambitions
then tuck them, one by one, into a box I once discarded
by the door. I think how fortunate it is that I stumbled
across them now, at this very moment,
when I need them the most.

I pass back through the door with my box of dreams,
a prized possession I clutch tightly to my chest.
A creak of the door tells me it has closed behind me.
A click of the lock suggests I’ll never be going back.
There is no need—I found my dreams! 

This poem “A Box of Dreams” is featured on vox poetica today.

Thank you, vox poetica!

Cadee’s World of Magic Shadows

Children’s minds are simply delightful! The other day my granddaughter told me she was sure there were magic shadows in her room! Wanting her to pursue the thought a little further, I asked what she thought they were doing there. She didn’t know. I’ll admit, I was a little disappointed! I mean, if she is creative enough to come up with “magic shadows”, isn’t she capable of more? I wrote this little story to help set her mind in motion and spark her imagination. Who knows what she might think of the next time those magic shadows appear in her room!


Somewhere between the light of day and the edge of night lies the peaceful kingdom of sleep. It is a world where twilight fairies and magic shadows live and play together. They ride into your room on fluffy white clouds so they can peek inside your dreams. They let you drift beside them to the places they love best, like Hope and Happiness, because that’s where you want to go when you dream.

Sometimes the magic shadows play tricks on your mind and you think you’re somewhere you’re not: a rolling green meadow where tall prairie grass tickles your nose as it sways in the gentle breeze; on a carousel of beautiful flowers whose soft, fragrant petals open and close to enfold you as it goes round and round; or overlooking a clear mountain lake that looks like shiny blue glass.

Meanwhile, the twilight fairies revel in their hike to the top of a rainbow. They stop for a brief rest before sliding down the other side, giggling all the way. If you’re lucky, they will take you with them as they soar like eagles in the sky. Then, just for fun, they will drop you into the waiting arms of friendly trees who catch you and bend down to the ground to set you on your feet again.

Soon enough the magic shadows and twilight fairies retreat into darkness and ever so slowly your room once more fills with the light of day!