Of Leaves and Children

IMG_1309 (2)

In an early Autumn rain

golden leaves stick like glue

to the spot where they fall,

but when winds dry the dampness

from the floor of the earth,

it relieves wet leaves

of their burden.

Freed leaves grow restless!

They drift and scurry!

Some stay close to home,

but some scatter far, far away.

Leaves are like children!

Speaking of leaves, here is a haiku for Ragtag Daily Prompt: Elusive

IMG_1306 (4)

An elusive leaf

snatched up by a gust of wind

dances on for miles

Trust is Elusive

Response to today’s one-word prompt: Elusive


 “I’ve got your back”, she promised me

and she did

until she didn’t.

“I’ll always be here for you”, he said

and he was

until he wasn’t.

“Friends forever!”, we told each other,

but forever was almost never.

“So, who can I trust?” I asked myself,

“I’m a fool to depend on others!”

The answer became very clear to me

and I smiled as I looked in the mirror.