Weekly Photo Challenge: Corner

DSC06817 (2)

This is the exterior wall of the nave at Westminster Abbey in London, where numerous corners on the famous flying buttresses are visible.  “To buttress” means to hold something up. Here, stone arches connect the buttresses to the wall of windows and heavy roof, giving it “wings” and the perceived ability to fly off to Heaven itself!

DSC06785 (2)

More corners in the square inset around “The Abbey Rose Window” at Westminster Abbey

Additional photos of Westminster Abbey

Weekly Photo Challenge: Corner

Happy Father’s Day

Somewhere out there, my parents look just like this!


I believe they smile, hold hands and spend a little time each day thinking about my sister and me, just like we spend time thinking about them. I’ll always consider Daddy my hero and Momma my best friend.

Somewhere out there, I believe there is a one-way street to heaven that connects life with eternity; devotion with happily-ever-after; and us with them! Happy Father’s Day, Daddy! Say hello to Momma for me!