Weekly Photo Challenge: Windows


Nearly every time I look out a window, I find myself wishing I was on the other side! I want to see the whole picture, not just the part I can see from inside. Likewise, if I’m looking through a window from outside, then “in” is usually where I want to be!

More Windows:

Weekly Photo Challenge: Windows


  1. Beautiful window photos and I like the one with the beer and glass looking onto the water and mountain towering above. Where is that? You’re right that us humans always long to be on the other side…if looking out, want to be there, or if looking in, long to be inside exploring! 😃

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    1. I took that one on our trip to Scotland earlier this year. We were in the Highlands, the Glen Coe area, and this was the view from the hotel bar. The hotel had the most beautiful setting! Every window had you longing to be outdoors!


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