We Are Branches

DSC03213 (4)On the tree of life

rooted by my ancestors

I am but a branch

The word “branch” always means family to me because of my husband’s fondness for genealogy. As he spends hours and hours researching our family history, he continually strives to learn more, to go back farther and farther, and to correct inaccuracies in existing records. When you are aware of the generations that have come before you, you realize what a small twig you are in the grand scheme of things.

My response to today’s one-word prompt: Branch

Photo taken at the city park in Auckland, New Zealand


  1. My Beloved Sandra researches her genealogy. My family, however, (all branches of it, as far as I can tell) is less like family and more like a litter. Once each one becomes old enough to get out there and succeed on his/her own, we do so and do not look back.

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    1. There is certainly something to be said for succeeding on your own and not looking back, although someday “looking back” may become important to them – you never know. Thanks for stopping by!


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