Foto Friday #4

DSC05194 (3)

Three little pelicans went for a walk at the Healesville Wildlife Sanctuary in the Yarra Valley of Australia. This species, the Australian Pelican, is recorded as having the longest bill of any living bird. They are easily found near both the inland and coastal waters of Australia, New Guinea and Fiji, as well as parts of Indonesia and New Zealand. These interesting birds appeared to be playing follow the leader in their well-shaded habitat at this bushland haven for Australian wildlife about an hour outside of Melbourne.


  1. The closest I have ever been to wandering Pellies is in London of all places where they live on the ponds in St James’s Park right around the corner from all the Royal Residences. They are quite fascinating though I gave them a wide birth after one started scooping up pigeons in his immense bill! This is a wonderful picture, they look for all the world like high thinking Victorians sharing their discoveries at The Royal College of Science or their Philosophy in the Sheldonian in Oxford …. they just need little wire rimmed spectacles to perch on their beaks – pince-bec if you will!

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    1. I’d steer clear too! It is pretty amazing what all they can scoop up in that endless mouth of theirs. I can’t quite get over the image in my mind of these guys with wire-rim spectacles on. I may need to Photoshop that in just so I can see what it looks like! Thanks for stopping by.

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