Foto Friday #10

All over the world, trees are planted by squirrels who bury nuts, then forget where they hid them. Maybe the tree in our yard where this effervescent little guy sits was planted by his great-great-grandfather!

DSC00042 (3)

And maybe if we plant an idea, a smile, a good deed or a kind word…  it will grow into something big and beautiful, too!

Foto Friday Series and  a response to RDP #71: Effervescent


  1. The squirrels entertain me daily (little red ones and their bigger grey cousins) as they bustle about …. I like the reminder that many of the trees around here were planted by their ancestors. Life creates life and so it goes ….

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    1. It does, indeed! Aren’t squirrels the cleverest little things? Not much of a memory though, or they would remember their hiding places! Too bad we don’t have the little red ones… I’ll bet they’re cute!

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      1. I admit to being a tiny bit obsessed with the little red ones. They are actually pretty feisty and very vocal but they are so darned cute I’d forgive them anything. All of them are extremely clever, you are so right but I suspect they are wired to do not to remember. Great problem solvers, nooooo notion of why they did it!!

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