Foto Friday #13


Echo the Footsteps – a haiku

Footsteps, now silent,

resonate as memories

across the old bridge

This bridge is gone now. It was a feature I dearly loved in my neighborhood, but because it was difficult to maintain, the political powers-that-be decided to remove it. I used to go there daily to observe nature, the changing seasons, and either the swift movement or sluggish ripple of the creek below. Dozens of photos like the one above – and my footsteps across this bridge – are cherished memories.


  1. Wooden bridges are treasures, maybe more so due to impermanence. They flex a bit with each step – sturdy concrete and steel structures just don’t measure up! This is a lovely image, and your haiku is splendid – “footsteps now silent” could apply in many perspectives.

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  2. I would miss a bridge like that too. In my neighbourhood, the city recently replaced a crumbling walking bridge. I’m so glad they decided to keep a bridge in that location.

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  3. Bridges seem to be such important elements in our human experience. They come in all kinds of different materials and no matter the size or design they are all about creating the possibility of connecting with, reaching the other side.
    I love your old bridge, how weathered and well traveled it looks. Your photograph and haiku seem like a gentle and tender honoring of it.

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    1. Thank you, Arati! 🙂 Bridges can take you to more than just the “other side”, they can take you anywhere your heart wants to go. They are the symbol of “connection” – just as you said!

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    1. I should be grateful to have enjoyed it – there are new people in the neighborhood who don’t even know it was ever there. I appreciate your comment, thank you!


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