Slow and Steady

IMG_2983 (3)

We’ve had DAYS of rain!  Some of it has been harsh, but mostly it’s been slow and steady – the kind of rain that gives birth to new Spring growth. The grass and trees are no doubt the greenest green they will be for the rest of the year.

The rain has also produced an environment conducive to snails apparently, as I have seen a prolific number of them lately. Like a gentle rain, slow and steady describes a determined snail perfectly. I noticed this particular little guy yesterday as he started his journey from one side of the trail where I walked to the other.

When he first felt my presence, he receded into his shell, wary of the danger I might pose. He eventually sensed I meant him no harm and even let me photograph his trek across the pavement. I watched him for about 20 minutes, protecting him from certain death at the hands—I mean feet—of oblivious joggers who passed him by; so distracted were they by their headsets that surely they wouldn’t notice nature, let alone enjoy it.

I am grateful to have witnessed the triumphant progress of this strange little creature who carried his house on his back and moved at… wait for it… a snail’s pace!

For Ragtag Daily Prompt: Grateful


  1. Whenever I see snails I am reminded of the one Kindergarten class I had who were nuts about them. They carried them like pets and put them everywhere in the classroom 😀

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  2. I watched a turtle, the first of the season that I’ve seen, make it across our road, protected by me who stood in the road and directed one truck around it. It’s that time of year!

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  3. Love your tale and photos of the snail on his/ her journey.
    I often do things like that too and find it very rewarding. The calmness and
    steadiness of these creatures. They are also so aware of dangers around – but very brave.


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  4. Gorgeous photos. Snails are so mysterious. We have ancient carnivorous snails here in New Zealand, rare and beautiful. In my own blog today I posted a tribute to a slowness complete with bad drawing. Coincidence, love it.

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