Foto Friday #55

DSC01436 (2)DSC01439 (2)

They were ordinary men and women who became heroes and were laid to rest in a magical place surrounded by eternal beauty.

For Weekly Photo Challenge: Magical/ Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #63

Photos taken at Fort Leavenworth National Cemetery, Leavenworth, Kansas


  1. It is amazing how many people died for this great nation. And then we get some bums who just want to destroy it all. Thanks for posting. Very moving.

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  2. Very beautiful, and sad. A fitting repose and respect for those who lost their lives. I was visiting the Netherlands American Cemetery and Memorial at Margraten and two older women stopped me and said ‘all these men should have had lives to live, and children, and grandchildren’. I am very moved whenever I think of it.

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    1. I have visited numerous military cemeteries and they all possess a reverent beauty befitting those who rest there. It’s like Mother Nature knew to give them the well-manicured lawns of summer, the glorious colors of autumn, and the peaceful splendor of fresh-fallen snow. They deserve the magical beauty… since they were robbed of a future.

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