Road Trippin’

A road trip this year was never the plan – the plan was international travel! Our European river cruise was booked over a year ago, but COVID-19 put an abrupt halt to all non-essential travel so our plans had to change. Just like everyone else, we were disappointed about the things that would never be, and we struggled to understand the new โ€œnormalโ€. Being stuck at home 24/7 for weeks and weeks did have one advantage – it gave us plenty of time to come up with Travel Plan B. Instead of packing our passports, plane tickets and cruise vouchers, we will load up the car with hand sanitizer, face masks and disinfecting wipes, and hit the road for a good old-fashioned summer driving adventure. We will roll down the windows, crank up the music and social distance to the point of being rude! Why not – gas is cheap! So, take care everyone. Weโ€™ll chat again in a few weeks.

It’s Only Words #7


  1. I’ve been avoiding even road trips, concerned about hotels being clean, and public rest areas. In Michigan they closed the rest stops for a long time but I think they’re open again. I really need a road trip, so will be interested in how yours goes. Have fun!

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    1. I have a feeling that right now most hotels are the cleanest they’ve ever been! None-the-less, they will be getting a good once-over the moment I step through the door! I’ll let you know how it goes!

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  2. Hope your trip is just what you needed. We have done the same in the past two weeks and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. It’s nice to view the world a bit differently as we age or as we re-visit places we saw years ago. Travel safely.

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