Unpacking the Magic


I spent several days unpacking the red and green containers that hold our Christmas decorations. It’s a pleasant chore replacing our everyday decor with bright, shiny objects pulled from their 11-month hibernation. These are not ordinary things, mind you, they are treasured adornments filled with hope and dreams and MAGIC! (See my post Packing Up Christmas.)

Soon my grandchildren will stop by to see the decorations they haven’t seen since last year. Wonder and magic will greet them at the door, just as I will. They will exclaim in awe at how festive everything looks, as if seeing it for the first time. They will inevitably say something enchanting like “we can hardly wait for Christmas Eve at Grammy’s house!”

The spell won’t fade until after Christmas, when the magic is lovingly tucked into boxes along with “shiny baubles and strings of lights”… plus a fresh new stack of memories. I strive to keep the hope and dreams alive from year to year, but I’m OK with letting the magic go for a while – otherwise, it wouldn’t be magic anymore.

The lighting technique used in the photo is called bokeh, which renders in-and-out of focus points of light. It lends a certain magical touch to the image, don’t you think?


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