Weekly Photo Challenge: Elemental

DSC03584 (2)There is a desolate valley near Rotorua, New Zealand that is a perfect representation of the elements earth, water, fire and air. The Whakarewarewa Thermal Valley is a geothermic world of bubbling pools, hissing vents and piping hot geysers where the scent of sulphur wafts through the air.DSC03626 (2)This part of the country sits on an active fault line, resulting in a lot of volcanic activity. Wherever water is heated under the earth, it will find a way to escape, often with spectacular results! DSC03598 (2)This is where you’ll find Pōhutu, the largest active geyser in the southern hemisphere. She erupts once or twice every hour, sometimes reaching the height of 100 feet (30 meters). Pōhutu means ‘constant splashing’ in Māori.

There are few places in the world where geothermal wonders of this intensity are as numerous and easy to see as in Rotorua. We found the entire area fascinating when we toured there a few years ago.DSC03588 (2)Weekly Photo Challenge: Elemental

Weekly Photo Challenge: H2O


Emerald green and waterfall-rich, Milford Sound is located in New Zealand’s Fjordland National Park. It is breathtaking in any weather, but when it rains in Milford Sound, as it did when we were there, the waterfalls multiply with magnificence as they cascade down the towering cliffs carved by glaciers during the ice age. It was a spectacular sight and one of my favorite travel memories!

dsc04640From inside the bus, rain trickled down the window.

dsc04655Standing in the rain, the downpour continued!

Weekly Photo Challenge: H2O