Weekly Photo Challenge: Against the Odds


What are the odds I’d capture this shot of sheep stopping traffic on a busy road? Well, the odds are pretty good when you’re in New Zealand, apparently, but it’s certainly not a sight I’d see in Kansas!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Against the Odds


  1. Yes, it’s a sight you will see in New Zealand, at the end of May when farmers are changing jobs you will see dairy cows on the move. Hope you enjoyed seeing those sheep being moved, just think “What are those animals thinking about you” Haha. smiles.


  2. I had that once on the way to Milford Sound on the South Island. It was kind of fun and relaxing to just open the windows, stop the engine, and listen to the sound of so many sheep wandering past…plus the sheepdogs riding on the quad bikes was a treat also. Very restful.

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  3. I actually missing the sight as I have been far away in NZ for almost 2yrs now… it’s a good feeling though at the time you will feel impatient especially if the animals takes too long to finish crossing or too many of them that you think you will wait for an hour haha!

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