First blog post

Well, here it is! My shot in the dark! A humble attempt to do that which I know nothing about. Blogging? What’s that? All I know is I like to write and apparently a blog is the “latest, greatest” way to share.

My writing is not profound. I do not search the depths of my soul in pursuit of something meaningful to say. Rather, I write what I think my grandchildren can someday identify with. Something they will understand. Something they might read and say, “Yep, that sounds like Grammy” or better yet “I love how Grammy writes”!

I am capable, I’m sure, of writing deep philosophical ideas or of assertively stating my firm belief about one thing or another; but to what end? To have someone mock my opinion or implication? No, I prefer to keep it light and non-confrontational. Easy-peasy! Here, the content will be MY words, MY way – simple!

I’m excited! Let’s do this!


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