Write a Positive Page

I have been writing life journals for Hospice patients for several years now and I continue to be amazed at some of the stories I am privileged to write: Like the woman whose mother rode the Orphan Train from the east coast to the Midwest where she was adopted by a farm family; and the man who served with three of his brothers on the same ship in the Pacific during WWII before the Navy separated them in increasing fear the ship might sink and all his mother’s sons would perish at once; and the sweet little lady who wore bedroom slippers under her wedding gown because there was a ration on shoes during the war. I recently finished a journal about a man 12 years younger than I am whose life has already ended. Writing a story about someone already gone is often emotionally difficult for me, but because this man’s family was full of nothing but positive things to say about his attitude, his faith and his love, it really wasn’t difficult at all. It served to remind me to smile, to be grateful and to write a positive page in my own life story each and every day!

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