A Moment in Time


It was one of those moments! A moment when, without a doubt, something divine tapped me on the shoulder and whispered in my ear that this was a moment I would remember.

I was enjoying a walk in early fall on the wooded trail near where I live. The walk was filled with countless pleasures! Sunlight was splashing on my face through holes in the ceiling of trees. Leaves, nearing their peak of glory, proceeded to dance with delight all around me, and birds were singing harmoniously while the continuous rush of the nearby creek kept a beat like the percussion in natures’ song.

Suddenly out of the blue, there it was! That tap on the shoulder and a whisper that said, “look up”! That’s when I saw the tree. No, that’s when I NOTICED the tree, for I had seen it plenty of times before. But on that particular day it was bathed in golden sunlight much like a scene right out of a movie. You know what I mean, right? Where the heavens open up and a spotlight beams down on some person, place or thing while angel voices raised in song announce the advent of some kind of miracle? Well, that’s what it was like! I had this sudden appreciation for something I had somehow failed to appreciate until then!

I pass that tree nearly every day, and now each time I do, I pause to remember the moment I first “noticed” it. It’s not the most magnificent tree in the world, but to me it is stunning. I photograph the tree each season every year; in spring, summer, fall and winter, and yet I rarely look at the photos. I don’t need to – I can see it even with my eyes closed!


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