The House in my Heart


There’s a house in my heart

where I’ve built you a room

with windows in the sun to keep you warm

through which shines the glow of day

and the twinkling of the Milky Way

while the moon up above

throws down beams of love

for you to catch and save.

I’ve filled your room with precious things

like butterflies and fishing poles,

teddy bears and dress-up clothes,

dogs and cats, balls and bats,

pots of gold at rainbows’ end,

and friend, after friend, after friend.

At the house in my heart

the grass is greener, the sky is bluer,

the clouds the whitest of white.

Breezes blow, not harshly to push you,

but gently to guide you

sweeping the hair from your face

so you can see clearly the road before you

and which of the paths you should take.

If it should rain at the house in my heart,

raindrops would fall in quiet rhythm

soothing your soul and

singing you softly to sleep.

While you lay dreaming

the faint sounds you hear

are rain fairies splashing at play,

then after its shower

the earths’ clean fresh smell

will wake you to a brand-new day.

Of all the rooms at the house in my heart

my favorite room will be

the one you have packed

full of beautiful pictures

(some call them memories)

of all that you say

and all that you do

and all that you hope to be.

The one to which you hold the key –

your room at the house in my heart.

My response to today’s one-word prompt: Giant

Why post this poem under one-word prompt “Giant”? Because it was a giant step in writing for me. It was the first piece I wrote as a gift to my grandchildren; and I did it years ago, long before I even HAD grandchildren. I just knew this is how I would feel about them.  And it is – it really is!


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