21 thoughts on “The Introvert

  1. Osyth

    How I love this. And how my two youngest daughter’s to who I am sending it will love it. If I am not much mistaken this will be adorning two bedroom walls- one in Liverpool, the other in Bristol (UK both) ….

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  2. Sumyanna

    Fabulous words and oh, so true. I know you would never know it… but I’m shy too. I learn to do what I have to do and I have also learned to make opportunities for conversations but when I was young, I swear I would not talk to anyone unless they said something to me first. I was incredibly shy. Deep inside those who are shy is great beauty waiting to be noticed!


  3. artyplantsman

    Great post. I would like to think that my friends find my introverted self a calm, thoughtful and reliable presence in their lives. I may not say much sometimes but I am always there for them if they need me.

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