Autumn’s Touch

DSC01533 (2)

There’s a stillness that is Autumn

on this crisp October morning.

Even geese are silent and

I wonder how far South they’ll choose to fly.


At the moment day awakens

Mother Nature gives a yawn, then

she flexes magic fingers

and throws colors at the hills and the sky.


From the trees on the horizon,

leaves become undone. They drift like

amber snowflakes to the ground.

How dazzling they become before they die!


This is my response to today’s one-word prompt: Believe

(because I believe it is His plan to give us the most colorful season right before He delivers the most stark one)


  1. I think it is nature’s most miraculous trick …. to make those leaves into jewels for their last hurrah before sinking to the earth to nourish it in turn for what was taken in their lifetime. 🍁 🍂

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      1. Beautifully said as always. We just love the fall it’s time for cuddling and cozy fire places and it’s peaceful

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      2. You’re welcome, Grammy. I enjoy the season here in Portland Oregon with my daughter and new granddaughter. The colors of the trees change so fast this time of the year!


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