My Father, My Seagull

At vox poetica today is my poem “The Seagull Left Me” – an ode to my father.

Glaucous-winged Gull A20353 copy


I felt myself 
fly away on a mighty seagull.
I helped him scan the waves in search of food.

I held on tight
as he swooped down towards the water;
then suddenly, we headed out to sea.

He caught an updraft
and we soared higher and higher.
He didn’t even need to flap his wings.

We watched the waves
try to overtake each other, yet they
always seemed to find their way to shore; as did we.

He landed gently.
I let go of his neck and slid down slowly.
He watched me leave my footprints in the sand.

Then he left me.
I tried to catch him, but I couldn’t, so I cried;
just like I did the day they told me Daddy died.

Thank you, vox poetica, for publishing it!

Photo credit: unknown


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