Weekly Photo Challenge: Twisted

Twisted antlers, twisted wire fence in Fairbanks, Alaska:


Twisted end-cap on the “Ship-in-a-Bottle” display in Greenwich, England:

DSC07263 (2)

Twisted cords and ropes in the Bell Tower at Winchester Cathedral:

DSC05944 (2)

Weekly Photo Challenge: Twisted


    1. This particular compound was for endangered and wounded animals, so he was better off there than in the wild – but still, he was not happy. Maybe he just didn’t want his picture taken!

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  1. Rudolph looks highly perturbed indeed. I loved ships in bottles – I was absolutely fascinated by them as a child and Winchester was my go to place to clear my head for many many year. There is something very soothing about it.

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    1. I can understand your comfort with Winchester. My cousin is a guide there and she gave us a behind-the-scenes and in-depth tour when we visited a few years ago. I loved the peacefulness of the place!

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  2. Poor reindeer – hope he was able to lift his head eventually!! At one of the national parks there’s a set of entwined elk horns left by two elk who were fighting, presumably for a mate, who got tangled and couldn’t disconnect. Both of them died – I found it very sad

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  3. We once saw an elk running with a piece of one of those orange snow fences caught up in his antlers. The poor thing looked terrified. I hope he was able to free himself, or at least not run himself to death. It was sad to see.

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    1. Oh my… the things these animals can get themselves into! This guy was in a safe compound because his teeth were bad and he needed special food. I think it’s wonderful when people protect the animals who can’t provide for themselves.

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  4. Loved all three. Interesting capture. Especially the second one. I can’t tell its proportion. Is it an art installation? Is it big or small? Interesting in terms of the perspective you have decided to shoot it from. 🙂 Wishing you a lovely day!

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    1. It is a large piece of art titled “Nelson’s Ship in a Bottle” by Yinka Shonibare. It is 4.7 metres in length and 2.8 metres in diameter and can be found at the South entrance to the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich. Thanks for the comment and well wishes!

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