Foto Friday #25

img_2038 (2)

This is an eroded patch of asphalt on the sidewalk where I often walk. Each time I pass it, the shape reminds me of the continent of Africa. The other day I snapped a picture so I could compare it to a map. There is a remarkable resemblance, so now when I go for a walk – I just tell my husband I’m going to Africa and back!



  1. How nice that you were able to capture this shot! Yesterday, I came upon a section of snow that had a melted portion in the centre. The melted part was in the shape of a leaf, and revealed a bed of brown dried leaves underneath. I went to take a picture, and a lady came by saying that the leaves should be moved because they were over a drainage grate. She proceeded to whisk the leaves away, and ruined my photo opportunity!

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