Foto Friday #88

To better appreciate the structures in this photo, I cropped out the street and most of the tree to the right. Photo taken near Freiburg, Germany.

I felt like this shot was too wide so I reduced the size. By placing the steeple at a third, the flowers in the foreground are near center and the out-of-focus tree on the right is gone. I also cropped out the rail at the bottom, straightened the frame and brightened the color. Photo taken in Strasbourg, France.

For Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: Cropping the Shot


  1. Beautiful shots both before and after … I’m big on cropping my own photos, to zero in on specifics … a useful skill for people like me sensitive to light and unable to get precise through-the-lens spacing. I’m often surprised at what appears on edges of what I was aiming at!

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      1. well I agree with the street being removed – and loved that version too –
        but the bit of extras and distant feeling just changed the entire mood of the photo – ya know?
        maybe the street shot made it less inviting and more postcard feel – where as the close up version was right there with us – or we could be there.
        both great just different – ya know

        (and thanks for the reply)

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