Foto Friday #114

IMG_9565 (3)
My Favorite Photo of 2020

When I look back on the chaos that was 2020, I find that my favorite photo sums up the year in several ways. The photo is of my husband as he sits waiting for me in the geyser fields of Yellowstone National Park. It seems to represent the loneliness and isolation we all feel during this pandemic; the challenge of stumbling through the fog as we seek light at the end of the tunnel; and the patience we need to take one step at a time without hastily rushing to judgement. It also represents the awesome power of nature and our ability to find its beauty almost everywhere we look. Above all else, it represents the love we hold in our heart for someone dear. The amazing thing about a photo is how it speaks to us without ever saying a word!

For Len-Artists Challenge: Favorite Images of 2020


  1. GORGEOUS. I can resonate with sitting in wait-state grateful for the excuse to just sit. I can also resonate with observing companion’s patience displayed in this manner!
    Solitude is something we each benefit from – some needing more, some less – but none want the forced solitude the pandemic has mandated. Your scene inspires making the most of mandates – feast for the eyes and I can sense the physical vibes coming from the geyser fields!

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  2. They say (whoever THEY are) that the best images do not need words to explain them – they speak to the heart. Yours is a perfect example of that – as well as being a truly beautiful image. Thanks so much for sharing it, and along with it your thoughts and feelings, with us this week

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  3. Isn’t it interesting how many of us turn to nature when the world presents us with turbulence. I’d like nothing more than a long walk along the beach right now. The easy rhythm of the ocean would calm my nerves. Thanks for a thoughtful post.

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