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Who doesn’t love sunflowers? With their distinctive shape and color, they represent happiness as they cheerfully tilt their faces to the sun. They are also the basis of several fables and religious customs.

An ancient myth tells the story of a sea nymph named Clytie who adored the God Apollo, but when it appeared their love was not meant to be, Apollo turned her into a flower. She continued to love him even in her flower form, and she spent her days gazing up at him in adoration as he moved the sun across the sky in his chariot.

In China, sunflowers represent long life, good fortune and vitality because the flower has an amazing ability to stay hardy for weeks after it’s been cut for vases or bouquets.

Centuries ago, the Inca’s brought sunflowers into their temples to symbolize the Sun God. Because of their striking resemblance to the sun, they were associated with spiritual knowledge and the desire to seek light and truth.

In the State of Kansas, sunflowers grow wild in great abundance so the state has adopted them as their official flower. These photos were taken at Grinter Farms, one of the largest sunflower fields in the Northeastern part of the state. It’s spectacular to see a whole field of sunflowers follow the sun… just like Clytie does!

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  1. Beautiful photos & informative writing. Thanks1
    I thought you might enjoy this:


    Small rift in thick clouds
    admits a shaft of sunlight,
    paints a distant hill.
    I am the sunflower man;
    my head swivels, seeks the light.

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  2. Sunflowers grow randomly here and there in Colorado so it’s nice to see a big field of them all in one place. Also, I’m reminded of the terra cotta sun faces people like to put on their houses. Neven understood the significance but they sure are popular out here!

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