So It Seems


The day is bright and blustery

in my little corner of the world

Colorful leaves frolic

uninhibited, so it seems

as they finally experience freedom

during their death-bed descent.

They are unafraid

for the lightness they possess

pairs well with the rush of the wind

allowing their inevitable journey

to last forever,

so it seems.

Sad are the leaves that fall on a still day!

For Ragtag Daily Prompt: Replenish – because Autumn replenishes our need for color, and prepares us for the long, stark winter ahead.


  1. Such a lovely poem and those photos are AMAZING!! I wish we had a hint of color where I live. A few trees here and there but nothing like what you’ve shared. Thank you for sharing! β€οΈπŸ§‘πŸ’š

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