It’s the Light

I enjoy taking photos where the major light source is behind the subject. The technique is called backlighting and it is the theme of this week’s Lens-Artists Photo Challenge.


The setting sun provided a nice background for this scene on the Savannah River


Beyond the shadows in St. Augustine, this building was bathed in light


This photo of Woods Memorial Bridge in charming Beaufort, SC was taken facing the sun, creating a perfect, completely unedited, lens-flare


On Jekyll Island, the sun was low behind thick clouds at Driftwood Beach


If it weren’t for the light behind them, the stained glass windows at Bath Cathedral wouldn’t be so spectacular!

Almost always… it’s the light that defines a photo!


  1. Such wonderful photos, Linda. I especially love the stained glass windows at Bath Cathedral – these spellbinding works of art brilliantly illuminate spaces and are a joy to photograph. Thanks for sharing and have a good day 🙂 Aiva xx

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  2. Your post brought to mind the paintings of Caravaggio, which I studied in college and made a lasting impression on me. His “chiaroscuro” technique, contrasting light and dark, was all about the effect of light on his subjects.

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  3. I’ve come back to look at these wonderful photos again. They are so uplifting – not a word I use every day – but that’s exactly what they are.

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