Weekly Photo Challenge: Mirror


So there I was, enjoying the sights and sounds of the Marienplatz in Munich, Germany;  when I noticed the building in front of me was also beside me, in the form of a reflection from the window of a building to my right. It might as well have been a mirror!


Here is the building from the front. It is the New Town Hall of Munich, which houses the Glockenspiel, a beautiful chiming clock that is over 100 years old.

More Mirror Photos: These are at Catherine’s Palace, St. Petersburg, Russia



Weekly Photo Challenge: Mirror


  1. Lovely impressions, especially from Catherine’s Palace, St. Petersburg.
    Wishing you a good start in the new week,


  2. Fabulous photos! I’m impressed that you were able to take pics at Catherine’s Palace without hordes of tourists in the way. Your pics are lovely, and so are the places. And, oh, those floors in Catherine’s Palace – gorgeous!


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