The Windmill

IMG_2909 (2)

I know you were built

to harness the power of the wind

and to use that power for a purpose…

but what purpose have you now

that your once-strong arms

have been broken

by the force you once relied on?

I’m impressed with your charm and resilience.

Your new purpose has assured me

that age won’t lessen worth, and that

beauty is in the eye of the beholder

for when the wind and the light

are aligned just right

your blades still sparkle in the sun.

Photo taken near the Old Mill Museum in Lindsborg, Kansas where this windmill is now simply “decor”.

For RDP: Decor


  1. Beautiful visual capture … perhaps because they’ve always been in my life I feel connected to these classic windmills. I’m also drawn to the new ones that generate electricity – but not with the same urge to climb up and hug ’em!

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  2. A lovely picture…that windmill still has value in its aged beauty. Your poem is a wonderful tribute to it. If it could, I’m sure it would thank you for immortalizing it. 🙂💕

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