Quietly While I Slept


Many greeted her arrival with fanfare

but for me, 2021 slipped in

quietly while I slept.

I hardly noticed her

as she seemed so much like

the one who came before.

She held little promise.

There was a certain fear

and disillusionment about her.

But at some point, I came to realize

she wasn’t all bad.

We had our share of pleasant interaction,

periods of light and hope,

and an understanding that regardless of danger

life must go on!

I was learning to accept her as she was.

Then somewhere in the night

the wind blew, the snow fell,

and she quietly slipped away…

much the same way she came.

Her replacement has been greeted

with a blanket of white…

a fresh canvas

for me to leave my mark on.

I will approach her with caution,

but I do believe that 2022 and I

just might be good friends!

Happy New Year!

For RDP: Light


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